Class Materials- Sgrìobhanan Clàis

Materials from 4 June 2017 Maryland-Northern Virginia Picnic-Cèilidh

Stòr-Fhacail – Hiking.docx

Here are the materials for class cycle #2.

We will be re-using the Dialogue in Unit 1 for this cycle.  Also, keep studying the materials from cycle #1 as we will be building on previous lessons!trans-wk-3conv-wk-3

Also use the materials found in Lesson 2 at the Taic website:



Here are the class materials for class cycle #3 beginning on Thursday, Dec. 22nd.  We’ll be using the Dialouge wk. 4, Translation Sentences wk. 6, Conversation Questions wk. 6, and a story entitled Leasan a h-Aon.  We will also review the information from the website for Lessons 1 and 2.



Sorry this is a bit late.  For the materials for Cycle #4 beginning on 2/2/17  we will re-use the materials from Cycle #3 since we did not get to them all last time.  We will also start looking at Taic lesson #4, adjectives.


Here is a treat for this cycle (#5) and next (#6).  This is a children’s book written by children!  There are a few new words in it, so go to the online dictionary:, and look them up!  🙂

cu beag, cu mor


Here is the Cooking Vocab list of terms and phrases that we will be using for the next two classes: