December-January Gaelic Class Schedule Posted – New Location Sought

Gaelic study group Feb. 2015

You’ll find the schedule of classes posted for December and January here.  Should the demands of the holidays cause any changes we’ll post them.

Come the new year the class will be relocating.  We hope to remain within walking distance of Liam Flynn’s Alehouse, but we are searching for a new site at this time.  If anyone knows of a good location in central Baltimore, please get in touch with Rick at  The space should be able to accommodate 20 people plus room for easels, have sufficient chairs a conference table or multiple tables that can be arranged for a class, and allow food and drink to be brought in.

Next Gaelic Class in Baltimore is Tonight


Wednesday, 18 November 2015
:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Liam Flynn’s Alehouse, 22 West North Avenue.

$10 per class The text we will be using is Teach Yourself Complete Gaelic by Boyd Robertson and Iain Taylor  If you do not have the text yet and want to attend, don’t worry about the book, just come!

We are also using lessons from Taic.

All are welcome.  Classes are designed for beginners, but intermediate level speakers can be integrated in as well at their own level.